Praktikum Hemat

Virtual Laboratory

The Virtual Laboratory : Providing a remote access to the various kind of rare and expensive scientific laboratory equipment and computational resources.
:::: praktikum hemat dan ramah lingkungan :::::

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
NASA Virtual Lab
Virtual Microscope
Virtual Physics Laboratory (Java Simulations)
NUS Internet Remote Experimentation

1. Frequency Modulation Experiment
2. Coupled Tank Experiment
3. 3D Oscilloscope Experiment
4. 2D Oscilloscope Experiment
5. Helicopter Experiment
6. Robotic Soccer Experiment

Virtual Labs and Simulations
HHMI’s BioInteractive
Virtual Labs
The ChemCollective: Virtual Lab Simulation
University of Oregon vLabs
The Virtual Laboratory Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
Virtual chemistry
Virtual Lab
UM-VRL: Virtual Reality Lab
University of Michigan
demo timbangan virtual
virtual laboratories
socratic biology simulators
The ChemCollective: Virtual Lab Simulation
Virtual Laboratory: Ideal Gas Law
Whiting School of Engineering
Virtual Lab Experiments
Bridge Designer
Virtual Laboratory PSNC
Virtual Reality Laboratory
VL-e Virtual Laboratory e-Science
Virtual Pysics Java Laboratory, more than 30 physics related java applets developed at NTNU
Other Physics/Astronomy Applet Sites
The Northwestern Virtual Physics Lab
Welcome to the McGill University Physiology Virtual Lab
The Biotechniques Virtual Laboratory– Monash University’s Complexity Virtual Lab
Unesco Virtual Laboratory Toolkit
A Virtual Chemistry Lab
Science Lab Experiments and projects to do at home or in the classroom
Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
The University of Virginia Virtual Lab

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